Fast, furious, filthy, fun...


It's been a busy old couple of months here, as we dragged all our gear into Loom Studios in deepest Birstall on a roasting July morning to record our latest masterwork! Depending on how you look at it, this will be either our first or second album - Corvus Maximus was a full album-length CD, but it was composed of previously released material, and this is the first time we've decamped to a studio to spend a week doing a full album in one go. The sessions were hot, sweaty and noisy, but great fun and VERY productive. We've put down eleven songs, some of which have already been gigged and some of which have yet to be heard by the wider world. It's all sounding pretty damn great so far; the tracks will be mixed and mastered in September and the finished album - to be titled Funland - will be released early next year through the excellent STP Records. We can't wait!!
Our next gig is one we've been looking forward to for a long time - we're supporting LA's legendary fun-punks The Dickies at the Star & Garter in Manchester on Sunday 17th August. This is an early show, the doors open at 3.30pm, first band is onstage at 4.10pm, we play at 6pm and the Dickies are on at 8pm. Also appearing are Immoral Ethics, Vomit and 3CR. We're all massive fans of the Dickies, so this gig is an ambition fulfilled for us!!
The week after that (Sunday 24th) we're back at Brooklands in Batley to play their fifth Punkfest. Headlined by Machine Gun Etiquette (a tribute to The Damned), the rest of the running order comprises The Kingcrows, UK Skunk, Fat Henry and From The Gut. Again, this is an early show (doors at 3pm, finishes at 9pm), and we have tickets available for a bargainous £5 - email us if you're interested!!
Please note that our previously announced date at the Vintage Rock Bar in Doncaster has been postponed to Friday 7th November. Details to follow...

So presumably you all survived Friday 13th then! Been a busy few weeks since the last update...Nice N Sleazy was a fantastic weekend as per usual, thanks to the surprisingly large amount of people who crammed into the marquee to watch us, and a particularly big thanks to Big Dave for making us sound so good despite half the drum kit falling off the stage. It wouldn't be a Kingcrows show without something going horribly wrong!
The following week saw us back in Leeds supporting ex-Boys bassist/vocalist Duncan Reid and his new band the Big Heads. A sadly under-attended gig for the mighty Duncan, who put on a great show. Phil and Ratbag, back in their Assassination Bureau days, used to cover a number of songs by the Boys so it was great to see them being done by the master. Our set was at least very well-received by those diehards who made the effort, and it's always nice to play the Brudenell - a fantastic venue.
Finally a quick hop to Wakefield for the Pogo For Kumbuka 6-band punkathon, a cracking day for all concerned. All the bands played excellent sets, loads of top bands donated gear for the raffle, and the event raised over £400 for the orphans of Tanzania. Pats on the back to all concerned there
. Unexpectedly, we also got our mugs in a couple of newspapers in the previews for the show too. Bet that startled a few commuters...
Unfortunately our previously announced show at Gibsons in York this Friday has had to be cancelled, due to the venue needing building work. Plans are already afoot to get back to York as soon as possible, we'll keep you posted.
Next Saturday (21st June) sees us hitting the Live In Barnsley festival. LIB is a multi-venue cross-town free indoor festival with 117 acts playing all day across 13 venues, and we're closing proceedings at The Shakespeare (Wellington Street, S70 1SS). We're onstage at 8pm, and there's great stuff on all day across the town, so make a day of it! Check out for more info. See ya down there!!

Wow, end of May already?! Doesn't time fly... Just a quick note before we head off for our fifth appearance at Morecambe's amazing Nice N Sleazy festival - 2pm Saturday afternoon, Marquee stage, see you all down there! - to keep you updated. The first leg of the Spring Offensive was a blast, with great shows in Rotherham, Carlisle and Nottingham. We're just commencing the second leg, with the following dates:
24 May: Morecambe, Nice N Sleazy festival (
31 May: The Brudenell, Leeds: supporting Duncan Reid & the Big Heads (ex-The Boys)
7 June: Snooty Fox, Wakefield (Pogo For Kumbuka charity gig in aid of an orphanage in Tanzania, also featuring Hotwired, Lowlife UK, the Krayons, Murdaball and Hospital Food)
Hope to see some of ya out and about over the next few weeks, and keep an eye on this page for news of the new album...cheers!!

Just to let you all know, the previously announced gig with the ex-Glitter Band guys has been cancelled by the venue. Apologies for the disappointment, we were looking forward to that...

So, just over a month into 2014 and we're well off and running. Last night's gig with the fantastic Lurkers was a brilliant time, massive cheers to everyone who came down and especially to Arturo and the lads, who are all absolute stars!
Our next gig is a little bit of a departure from the usual punk rock types we normally play with; we're making with the '70s glam rock, as we'll be supporting John Rossall and Harvey Ellison, two founding members of The Glitter Band. The venue is Warehouse 23 in Wakefield, the date is Saturday 8th March and tickets are £10.50 advance (slightly cheaper if you get them from us!) or £12 on the door. 
Work on the new material is well underway, one of the new songs is already firmly embedded in the set with many more on the way. We're intending to do a full new album this year, but we're gonna need your help to do it - more details to come soon...!

Hell's teeth, is it really six months since we updated this? Sorry about that, we've been a bit busy. Gigging mostly. We've been all over the place this year, done a few festivals and a lot of smaller shows, getting in the faces of as many people as we possibly could. We're already making plans for next year, lots of new gigs in the pipeline (including Nice N Sleazy 2014, our fifth year on the trot!) and we're working on a boatload of new material, so watch out for that! 
We've got another three gigs left for 2013: on Fri 22nd November we're supporting Barb Wire Dolls at Brooklands, Batley; then on Fri 20th December we're at the Black Swan in Bradford for a headliner. This particular show is a special one cos it's our singer Phil E Stine's 50th birthday bash! It's gonna be a mad one, support is from Hospital Food, and entry is free, so don't miss it! Finally, on Sun 29th December we're over at the Star & Garter in Manchester, supporting Oi legends The Business. Hell of an end to the year!

Well, Nice N Sleazy was a phenomenal weekend yet again, the thing just gets better and better every year! The weather was great, the people were excellent, the bands were incredible and the beer was plentiful...! We saw so many brilliant bands, and our set was a hell of a lot of fun (despite a number of equipment problems, such as Ratbag's kick pedal disintegrating mid-set), but by far the highlight for us was backing up the legendary Ed Tudor Pole on "Swords Of A Thousand Men". Ed's a true rock 'n' roll hero and an absolute gent to boot, and it was a massive honour to play with the guy. To show just how much fun it was, here's the video evidence:

Don't forget our June gigs - Sat 1st at the Snooty Fox, Wakefield (supported by Destroy The Skyline and The Franceens); Weds 5th at The Library, Leeds (opening for A Pretty Mess and The Smears); Thu 13th at Gibsons Rock Cafe, York (with The Jackhammers, The Franceens and Manscreams) and Sat 29th at The Black Bull, Gateshead (supported by The Franceens). Hope to see you all at one or more of them!!
Oh yeah, one more thing - there's a couple of new merch items now available in the online emporium - the military-green "Carrion Regardless" skull 'n' crossbones t-shirt and the first official Kingcrows hoodie! Go check 'em out...


Next weekend is Nice N Sleazy weekend! The best grass-roots punk festival in the UK, and one of the highlights of our year, this year is our fourth appearance at Morecambe. This year's bill is possibly the best yet, with GBH, UK Subs, Vice Squad, Ed Tudor Pole, Goldblade, Drongos For Europe and over 50 other great bands tearing up three stages. We're on at 5pm on Sunday (just before the legendary Ed Tudor Pole). See for details, and we'll see ya in the bar! We'll have some excellent new merch available too, so keep an eye open for that...
The Corvus Maximus  launch show was absolutely insane, thanks a million to everyone who came down. Jamming out "(I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone" with a hurdy gurdy player, with half the audience on stage doing backing vocals while Phil crowdsurfed away to the far end of the venue will live with us for a LONG time...
The album is ticking along nicely at the moment, and we have a few gigs in June coming up to flaunt the thing around. 1st June sees us at our home base the Snooty Fox in Wakefield (bill to be confirmed), then on the 5th we're at the Library in Leeds, opening for LA punk n roll crazies A Pretty Mess and the UK's finest all-girl punk band The Smears. Then, on Thursday 13th we head up to York to play Gibson's Rock Cafe with The Jackhammers and The Franceens. Finally, on Saturday 29th we make a long-overdue return to the Black Bull in Gateshead (with the Franceens in support) - we had an amazing time there last time and we're really looking forward to getting back! You have to keep busy, y'know...

Less than a week to go before the launch of Corvus Maximus! The release gig is gonna be a lot of fun - as we said before, it's at Carpe Diem (Great George Street, Leeds LS1 3ED) on Thursday 28th March. Entry is free and two excellent support bands are confirmed (The Franceens and Total Disfunction). There's a convenient bank holiday the day after for recovery purposes too, so don't miss it!


In the run-up to the release, Kingcrows Online had a conflab with Ratbag about the upcoming album...
KCOL: So, what was the reasoning behind this album then? All the material's been out before, why repackage it?
RATBAG: The original idea of doing EPs was largely done out of practicality; we couldn't afford to do a whole album in one go, and we didn't know if anyone would pay out for a whole album from a band they didn't know at a pub gig anyway, so we decided to record shorter CDs and put them out more often. After three EPs though, it got to the point where people were coming up to buy CDs and we were having to ask which they wanted, and then they'd ask what was on each one, and it all started to get a bit impractical. So we started thinking about amalgamating the whole lot onto one CD, and then Stu Taylor of STP Records invited us to put something out on his label. We'd known Stu for a couple of years by then and he's definitely one of the good guys - he runs the label purely for the love of the music and doesn't have any time for bullshit. He has a long history of working with excellent bands; we were honoured that he'd asked us, to be honest! So, that was pretty much a done deal straight away.
The great thing about putting out the compilation is that working with Stu, we can get our stuff across to more people. Having a label with a good reputation behind us, even a small one, will allow us to do a bit more than we could do by ourselves. We're proud of the stuff we've done so far and we think it deserves a wider audience!
KCOL: Are the tracks just as they were on the original EPs?
RATBAG: More or less, although we did get Grant [Henderson, Kingcrows producer] to give them a bit of a going-over. We originally just wanted him to balance out the volume levels, so the whole thing would run through without any annoying level jumps, but instead he went back to the original multitracks and remastered the whole lot of them. Apart from that they're the same - we kept the original running orders and everything, cos we just wanted it to be the same experience but all in one place.
KCOL: Will the album be available to download?
RATBAG: Not as a single thing. All the original EPs are still up for download in all the usual places, and we didn't think it was worth re-submitting them when all the songs are already available. 
KCOL: So what's the next move? When will we see new material? Will the next release be an EP or a full album?
RATBAG: Well, it's not long since we put out the Gonna Grow Up One Day EP, which isn't on the album, so we're not planning to record again just yet, but we have started writing new stuff. The process is underway again! As to whether it'll be an album or EP, we really don't know yet, we'll just see how things pan out. We don't like to plan stuff too much. If you don't plan anything, nothing can go wrong...

Six weeks and four gigs into the year and it's shaping up to be a brilliant one! Got new bookings coming in at a hell of a rate, our next gig is at the Snooty Fox in Wakefield (which has pretty much become our home venue over the last few years) next Saturday, 16th Feb, with support from two of the best acts on the local punk scene - The Swindells and Wild Trash. Entry is, as usual for the Snooty, totally free and a great night is guaranteed, so don't miss it!


The CORVUS MAXIMUS compilation album will be officially launched on Thurs 28th March at a rare Leeds gig, at Carpe Diem''s Bad Brains clubnight. The tracklist for the CD is as follows:


All 17 tracks have been fully remastered by our uberproducer Grant Henderson and they sound incredible. We're all looking forward to getting this CD out so we can worry an even wider audience!! Both the A Murder Most Foul and Up Before The Beak mini-albums have sold out now (congrats to all those who bought them, you might be sitting on a collector's item there...yeah right...!) so the compilation will be the only place to get those songs on CD, though they'll still be up for download in the usual places. Talking of which, the Gonna Grow Up One Day... EP is now available for all you futuristic types to download. We love it and think more people should hear it. Go on, fill yer boots!! 

Hope you've all managed to get through the season of excess reasonably unscathed! We're back in business after the break, and last Saturday's show at Indigo Alley in Scarborough was a great start to our gigging year. Coming up this month we also have a headline show at the Hallcross, Doncaster this Saturday 19th, supported by Barnsley dark-punk merchants System Of Hate (doing their debut gig), followed by an early evening show at the Star & Garter in Manchester on Sunday 27th. This one's an STP Records special, we're playing between The Angry Bombs and Hooligan (Dublin) - doors are at 5.30pm and the show ends at 9.30 to allow for public transport. 
Couple of bits of release news for you - firstly, the Gonna Grow Up One Day... EP is due for digital release on 19th January, available from all the usual places. Secondly, we're very proud to announce that we'll be putting out a compilation album containing all the tracks from the A Murder Most Foul, Magdelene and Up Before The Beak EPs through the fantastic STP Records. Titled
CORVUS MAXIMUS, the album is due out in March. Be warned, you're gonna be seeing a lot of us in the next few months...!!

The Bramley Music Festival was a lot of fun, first time we've played outdoors (damn cold it was too!), and certainly the first time we've been followed onstage by a member of Black Lace. Twenty minutes of our racket followed by "Agadoo" and a ten-minute extended workout of "I Am The Music Man"? Yeah, it was as weird as it sounds...

The last few weeks has been utter madness of the greatest kind, with a rash of amazing shows and the release of the new EP. The Snooty Fox gig almost went horribly wrong, what with the unexpected split of Ethos Theory and the last-minute dropping out of Chasing Dragons, but we moved up a slot and the brilliant Honeycomb Love rounded the night of with a set of supercharged sleaze rock n roll. Great night. 
Three more gigs left for this year - a private party in Doncaster on 1st December, a four band bash at the Riverside in Selby - where our first ever gig was perpetrated - on the 7th (with Velvet Star, the Idol Dead and Blacklist Saints; I think we're on first for that one, so be early!), and then on the 15th we're opening for Rat Scabies and Brian James again! This one's at the Well in Leeds, so it's a rare hometown gig too, and it also features cricketpunk loons Geoffrey Oi!cott.The new EP is now available at the Online Shop for a bargainous three quid plus postage, know what to do!!

We're gonna be busy over the next few weeks!! The new EP Gonna Grow Up One Day... is at the duplicators and should be hitting the streets on October 28th. In celebration of this 'ere momentous event, we got a few shows to do! This Sunday, 21st October, we're at Cookies Bar in Halifax with The-Front (female-fronted punk rock all the way from Casper, Wyoming) and Nottingham's noisiest Girlfixer. The following Saturday (Oct 28th) we're doing a special Halloween charity 6-band show at the Snooty Fox in Wakefield, with  Ethos Theory, Chasing Dragons (feat ex-Kingcrows guitar whizz Zebs), Honeycomb Love, Anchored By Avarice and Backstab Burial. All live, noisy, and doing it in fancy dress!!
The day after that (Sunday 29th) we're playing the inaugural Bramley Music Festival in Leeds's Bramley Park, which promises to be a strange old day. There's an Abba tribute, a Lady Gaga tribute, a rapper or two, a couple of rock bands, an acoustic folkie, various turntablists and pop singers, and at 12.45 in the afternoon there's us. Oh, and a dog fancy dress competition. And an Intergenerational Marquee, whatever the piss that is.
But does the fun end there? Hell NO!! Friday 2nd November sees us back in Wakefield to once again support the mighty
UK Subs (with Wakey punk veterans Bleed also on the bill) at The Hop, and then on Saturday 3rd we're hauling up to Gateshead to play at The Doll @ The Black Bull with our old buddies In Evil Hour. It's gonna be chaos, but it's gonna be fuckloads of fun!! 


We may have been slightly neglecting the website lately (sorry about that!) but we sure as hell haven't been idle. Between gigs all over the shop and a well-earned couple of weeks off while various band members went off on holiday, we've been recording again! The new EP, due for release in October, will be called Gonna Grow Up One Day... and features four tracks: "Down For The Count", "West City One", "Dead Momma's Grave" and "Gonna Grow Up One Day", and we think it's great - certainly the best-sounding recording we've ever done!! More details to come...

Also, we're currently sorting out the details of a special collaboration with the best little independent punk rock label in the UK, STP Records; we're REALLY excited about this! Watch this space!

Next time out, we're supporting the legendary Vice Squad at the Hallcross in Doncaster on 29th September. Pretty sure most of you know how great that's gonna be....don't miss it!!

The last few weeks have been absolute chaos, it's been brilliant. Great support slots with the Rezillos, UK Subs and Scabies & James, a great pub gig over in Stockport, and a headliner last night at the Black Swan in Bradford. Thanks a million to all the people who saw us and enjoyed what we did, especially those kind enough to buy CDs and t-shirts! The purple shirts are proving incredibly popular...

Got a couple of weeks' breather now until the next gig, that's another headline show at the South Sea in Sheffield. Joining us on the bill are Bradford glam-punk loons St Tantrums, barking mad acoustic types Pocketful O' Nowt, and experimental artrockists Henry's Radio. Come down, it's gonna be a mad night!

Well, Nice N Sleazy was a fantastic weekend, thanks a million to everyone who helped make it such a success! So many great bands, so many cool people...SO much alcohol...!
We had some new t-shirts on sale at Sleazy, and now they're available right here right now! It's a new twist on an old classic, in a rather fetching shade of purple....



See the Online Shop if ya want to snag one of those beauties! A measly fiver to you, and available in all sizes from Small to Extra Extra Large!! (The other designs are also now restocked in all sizes, so go for it!)
Next gig is at the Baker's Vaults, Stockport next Wednesday, with
No Decorum and Morphine Ghost. It's free in, so we'll see ya there!!


In slightly over a week's time - Friday 1st June to be precise - it'll be time for the Nice N Sleazy Festival again! One of the best weekends of the year, three days of bands, beer and big breakfasts by the sea! We're playing on the Sunday night (3rd June), just before The Business - it's our third time playing Sleazy and it's always a great laugh. Other bands appearing over the course of the weekend include the Anti Nowhere League, Demob, Dirt Box Disco, Roughneck Riot, Acid Drop, Lowlife UK, Girlfixer, Total Bloody Chaos, Last Gang In Town (featuring our original vocalist Tony), Guttersluts (Phil's previous band), No Thrills (Rocco's old band), X Rippers, Sky Rocket Jack, the Drastics, Wild Trash, Suicide By Cop, In Evil Hour, Senseless and dozens more great acts! Camping's free, the booze is cheap, and the tickets are just £40 for the full weekend. Check out for full details...
June looks like it's gonna be a hell of a month for us. Apart from Nice N Sleazy, we have a show in Stockport on the Wed 13th (bill to be announced), then on Sat 16th we have a rare hometown show, as we open for the phenomenal Rezillos at the Brudenell, Leeds. The following Friday (22nd) we're at the Brooklands in Batley, supporting the relentlessly brilliant UK Subs for an amazing fifth time - they'll be sick of the sight of us...! Then a week after that (Fri 29th) we're up in Hebden Bridge at the Trades Club to support ex-Damned legends Rat Scabies and Brian Jamesas they blast through the whole of Damned Damned Damned, and probably a sizeable chunk of Music For Pleasure too! Will we survive the sheer stupendousness of all these great shows? Stay tuned to find out....! 

Unfortunately the gig at the Talbot Social Club, Blackpool has had to be postponed for reasons beyond our control. We'll let ya know when it's rescheduled - apologies for the inconvenience!

May is shaping up to be another mad month - firstly, on Sun 6th we're back at the Witchwood in Ashton-Under-Lyne for the second day of a massive punk weekender in aid of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Bands for the Saturday include GBH, Drongos For Europe, Billyclub, the Restarts, Dirt Box Disco and In Evil Hour, while alongside us on the Sunday there's One Way System, The Outcasts, Xtract, the Vox Dolomites, Epic Problem and 3CR. Great bands, and a fantastic cause - see ya there.

Then we're going on a coast-to-coast tour!! ....well, sort of. We're certainly going coast to coast anyway - we're playing Shades in Bridlington on Sat 12th May (just us playing at that one - we're doing two half-hour sets, with the first one starting at midnight!), and then on Fri 18th we're over on the opposite shore at the Talbot in Blackpool supporting Senseless. Come and join us at the seaside - to hell with the weather, we'll have a good time even if it's pissing down!!

Unfortunately the Chester gig scheduled for April 14th has been cancelled, as the venue (the Chester Hangman) has closed down. Apologies to anyone who was planning to attend.

Still lots of great stuff going on in April though! Tomorrow, Sun 1st April, is the Batley Punkfest at Brooklands with the legendary VICE SQUAD. Then on Sat 7th we support glam-punk titans WRATHCHILD at the Gasworks, Bradford, and on Sun 8th we play the Crescent, Salford as opening act on the third day of their huge Easter punk weekender. Gonna be a busy busy month!!  

The Kingcrows have been added to TBFM's New Music List! Great interweb radio station, wall-to-wall rock, punk and metal, give 'em your support!!

Total Biker FM New Music Chart
The Kingcrows are hugely chuffed to announce we'll be supporting the incredible REZILLOS on Saturday 16th June at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds. This is going to be an amazing night, the Rezillos haven't played Leeds in years and the Brudenell is a fantastic venue. Also on the bill are the thoroughly mental Sky Rocket Jack, so don't miss it!
Next Kingcrows gig is on Sunday 1st April, at Brooklands Bar in Batley - it's Batley's second Punkfest, this time featuring the legendary VICE SQUAD, plus us, Girlfixer, Wild Trash and Fat Henry. It's an early start and finish for this one, doors open 3pm and it's all over by 10pm to allow for the Sunday public transport system...! Tickets are a piddling £5 from the venue, or you could get them from us for £4 - email us for details!

Bad news about the Gateshead gig on Saturday - unfortunately, the venue's gig room has an electrical problem and needs to be rewired, and the job won't be done in time for our show, so we've had to postpone the show. Apologies for the inconvenience. We'll be rescheduling as soon as possible, watch this space!

So that was February, eh? 
Firstly, HUGE apologies to anyone who attempted to see us in Hull on the 4th. I dunno - we have one day of snow all winter, and the roads become impossible to use. We set off with all good intentions, but should have taken the hint when Ratbag couldn't get the van up the hill to Lee J's house. Foolishly, we dragged the gear down the hill by hand and set off into the blizzardy night; however, after taking over an hour to get 20 miles to Ferrybridge services, we had no alternative but to give in and turn back. (As it turned out, it took twice as long to get back, and THEN we had to drag the gear back up the hill by hand!) So, sorry about that, we'll be back to Hull to make it up to you as soon as possible!

Our debut visits to Sheffield and Blackpool went much more smoothly, we're glad to report, and we're looking forward to coming back to both places shortly. In fact, we'll be back in Blackpool on 18th May at the Talbot Social Club, supporting the mighty Senseless.

The other big (and rather unexpected) news this month is that our resident guitar maniac Lee J has become an official endorser of Italia Guitars for his long-term abuse of his trusty trademark Italia Torino...see his page on their website at!

Next gig is this Saturday, 3rd March, at the Black Bull in Gateshead. Our first time in the North East, it's a free entry gig and support is from local lads Maximum Zeros. See ya down the front!

Been a busy weekend for us! Last night we had a great time playing at Stereo, York with three other ace bands - Sky Rocket JackRevenge Of The Psychotronic Man and The Vexed. Hell of a venue, great crowd, excellent bill! Hoping to be back soon!
We've just had another couple of gigs confirmed; firstly, we've got a show at the Gasworks in Bradford supporting the brilliant and newly reformed '80s shock-glam legends Wrathchild on Saturday 7th April. Then on Saturday 12th May we're having a jolly out to the coast to play Shades in Bridlington - that's gonna be a late one, we're hitting the stage at midnight!
Also, we can now finally unleash our first ever promo video! We made it about 18 months ago for the Fungalpunk DVD S.A.S.: The Movie, but were asked to keep it under wraps until the DVD was released. Now the DVD is out at last, we can reveal that video...hope you like it!



Next couple of gigs are next Saturday (4th Feb) at Hollywood & Vine in Hull with Hate Mondays and Nork Torsion, and then the following Friday (10th Feb) for our first Sheffield gig at the South Sea with Three Sheets To The Wind and Sky Rocket Jack. As always, keep an eye on the Gigs page for the latest live news!


So, another New Year! Hope it's a good one for all of you reprobates, thanks a million for your support! 2011 was a busy year for us, and this year's looking even busier. We did our first show of the year in Bradford on Friday, with our old (and temporarily reformed) mates Wild Trash, and a fantastic night it was too. Today we received the excellent news that for the third year on the trot we're playing the fantastic NICE N SLEAZY FESTIVAL in Morecambe! We always love Sleazy - three days of bands, beer and big breakfasts by the sea, you can't beat that. This year's headliners are THE BUSINESS and ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE, plus an amazing supporting bill of around 60 bands, so it's gonna be a hell of a weekend!! Check out the latest updates...

Our next show is next Saturday, 14th January, it's the huge Punk 4 The Homeless/Punk 4 Animals weekend at the Green Star in Stoke On Trent. Great causes and a ton of excellent bands for only £6 per day. You'd be daft to miss it!

The on-again-off-again all-dayer on Jan 21st is unfortunately off again. Apologies for the inconvenience, hopefully we'll be back playing locally again soon!
The TV Smith show was a fantastic experience, the man's a gent and a true punk rock legend. Nice to see so many people out on a Tuesday night too, thanks to everyone who came down!
This Sunday is the day of the STP Records Christmas half-dayer - doors are at 3pm, first band onstage at 4pm, and we're due on at 7.10pm. Gonna be a great day, see ya down there! It's our last show of the year, and our 5th anniversary gig!
By the way, we now have our own page at - check out and see what you reckon!

We've had a bit of a breather in November, but got a big finish to the year coming up! Our Grimsby gig (3rd Dec) has unfortunately been pulled, but we're supporting the SEX PISTOLS EXPERIENCE at Brooklands Bar, Batley on Sunday 4th Dec. Tickets are £7 each from the venue. Then on Tuesday 13th December we're at the Well, Leeds opening for the legendary TV SMITH & THE VALENTINES, playing the best bits of his classic band The Adverts. Also on the bill are CYANIDE PILLS and SKY ROCKET JACK; tickets are £8 in advance or £10 on the door, but to get in for a bargainous £7 email us at and we'll put you on our cheap list

For our last show of the year, and the event where we'll be celebrating our 5th anniversary of gigging, we're going over the sunny Manchester for a 7-band Sunday afternoon special at the Star & Garter courtesy of Stu Taylor and STP Records. Also appearing are TRIOXIN CHERRY, THE CULPRITS, THE VOX DOLOMITES, THOSE BLOODY SNAKES, LEATHER ZOO and headliners DEVILISH PRESLEY. All those great acts for a piddling fiver, and every paying punter gets a free CD from the STP catalogue! How ace is that? See ya down the front!

Wahey! 3,000 hits! Cheers to everyone for checking out the site and supporting the band. We appreciate it!

The headline act for the January all-dayer has changed again! Now topping the bill are Sunderland's finest first-wave Oi boys Red Alert. We played with RA a couple of years ago at the Haiti earthquake benefit in Halifax, they're top blokes and a fantastic live act. Also added to the bill are The Gonads. Gonna be a hell of a day...

Further to our last update, Peter & the Test Tube Babies have dropped out of the January all-dayer, but never mind - their place has been taken by Sham 69! In accordance with this change the event is now known as IF THE KIDS ARE UNITED 2, but the date and the rest of the bill are still the same.  
We've also been added to the bill of sleaze-rock semi-legends Drugdealer Cheerleader's final ever Bradford show, this will take place at the Gasworks on Saturday 15th October. Also on the bill are our old buddies The Idol Dead. Entry is free, gonna be a killer night! 

Apologies for the lack of recent updates, we've been busy as hell with gigging and so forth. Been to a load of new places recently, massive cheers to all the lovely people in Scunthorpe, Hoyland and Alverthorpe for making us so welcome! We're already booking shows for next year, and we've just been confirmed for a fantastic all-dayer at the Well in Leeds on 21st January 2012 - the Banned From The Pubs drunk punk spectacular will feature Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Splodgenessabounds, Eastfield, Dirt Box Disco, Homebrew, Lowlife UK, the Swindells, the Mardigras Bombers, and us opening the whole thing up! Tickets are a measly £12 in advance from WeGotTickets - the perfect cure for the post-holiday misery that always sets in at the start of the year!!
Next gig is a headliner at the Courthouse, Barnsley on Friday 23rd September; entry is free, so we'll see ya there!!

UP BEFORE THE BEAK is now available for download! The latest Kingcrows mini-album is now up on iTunes, Amazon,, eMusic, and most other major channels. Or of course you can get the actual CD direct from us at a gig or the Shop page!

The Gigs page has been updated once again, loads of good shows coming up, check it out! 


Unfortunately our upcoming show at the Red Lion, Stoke-On-Trent on 2nd July has had to be cancelled due to the headline band dropping out. We're currently sorting out a rescheduled date though, so watch this space!

Meanwhile, this Thursday (23rd June) sees us doing a rare hometown show - we're headlining the monthly BadBrains club night at Carpe Diem, Great George Street, Leeds. It's been about eight months since the last time we played Leeds, so this one's gonna be a blast! Not only that, but this show is The 100th Kingcrows Gig so it'll be a proper party night! Also on the bill are punk 'n' roll loons The Red Pills and local garage-punk legends The Longshots, with The Godfather opening up proceedings. All this and free entry too! Don't miss it!!

Well, Nice N Sleazy was an amazing weekend! Cheers to everyone who saw us, hope you all enjoyed the show! The new CD sold a load of copies at the festy, and for those who couldn't make it and can't get to a gig in the near future, it's now available in our Online Shop. Also, for the people who have just discovered us, we're doing a bit of a special offer - buy all three of our currently available CDs for ten quid and we'll pay the postage ourselves (saving £2.50)! G'wan, give it a punt!


Incidentally, the tracks from the new CD are streaming at our Jukebox page, so go give 'em a listen!


Next Sunday (June 12th) we'll be doing our best to burn ourselves out when we play two gigs in a single evening. Firstly we'll be opening one of the Fringe events at Wakefield's Long Division festival - we're first on at the Snooty Fox (onstage at 4pm), with the rest of the bill comprising of THE SONS OF EL ROACHO, NUTTY SKUNK, TOTAL CONFUSION, BRAINBOMB, MENTAL BLOCK and SKIPRAT. It'll be the mother of all psychobilly-ska-punk-reggae-n-roll sessions!

Pretty much as soon as we get off the stage we'll be piling back in the Sunshine Bus and pegging it over to Dewsbury for our headline gig at the Old Turk - our first show there since 2007! - with support from riff-monsters extraordinaire PSYCHOBABYLON. Entry to both these events is free, you'd be a fool to miss 'em!! 



It's been a particularly busy few weeks for the Kingcrows, and it's about to get a hell of a lot busier! This weekend sees our second appearance at the excellent Nice N Sleazy festival in Morecambe - we're playing at 8.05pm on Sunday night, two slots below the Boomtown Rats, so come and check us out if you're at the festy! It's gonna be a great weekend, with 60+ great bands over three days. 

The other big news today is that our NEW 7-TRACK MINI-ALBUM will be launched at the festival!!


UP BEFORE THE BEAK was recorded at Loom Studios, Birstall with our regular producer Grant Henderson and features the following tracks:


It'll be available from this website early next week, download release date to be confirmed. Cheers!



Next few gigs coming up:
Thu 7th April: Rio's, Bradford (opening for The Vibrators, also with The Drastics)
Fri 29th April: Abbey Road, Batley (opening for UK Subs, also with Total Confusion)
Sun 1st May: The Witchwood, Ashton-Under-Lyne (day 1 of a HUGE two-day Bank Holiday bash with GBH, Drongos For Europe and loads more)


The new mini-album is coming along nicely, it's currently in the mixing stages and sounding deadly. As is traditional for us now, it contains seven songs and has a groaningly punnish title. We'll keep ya posted...

We're recording again! Next month the Kingcrows will enter The Loom studios in Birstall with our favourite producer Grant Henderson to make the follow-up to A Murder Most Foul. More details to come in due this space!
In the meantime, we have much giggage going on, including a two-day micro-tour of the Other Side Of The Pennines! We're playing the Stamford Arms in Stalybridge on Sat 5th March (ably backed by 3CR, Anger Without Reason and Thirtinas), and the next day we're doing a Sunday afternoon special at the Dog & Partridge in Preston, the second in the Northern Punk'N'Roll Alliance series! Same four bands as Rio's, but this time with Mardigras Bombers headlining. First band hits the stage at 2pm, so get yer Sunday roast down you early and bring yer dancing boots!

Tomorrow (Sat 12th February) sees the opening show in a series of gigs we're doing with three of the finest bunches of reprobates we've come across on the circuit - the Mardigras Bombers, St Tantrums and the Zombie Headhunters! Tomorrow's show is at Rio's in Bradford and is headlined by St Tantrums. We're on first so get there early - and if you can't make it, keep yer eyes on this page for more dates in the Northern Punk'n'Roll Alliance series!

The Kingcrows are proud, humbled and somewhat surprised to have been included on the great Fungalpunk's 2010 Accolades Of The Year - we've been named as this year's "MOST OVERLOOKED AND UNDER-RATED OUTFIT" on the site. Quote:

"In truth this section is the hardest as there are so many fuckin' good bands out there not being given true reward for their talents and efforts that it really does defy belief. How many tell me that 'such and such are a good band' and yet the band in question fails to pull in a crowd deserved of their status. For me the criteria for this section is based on attitude, desire, ability, entertainment value and, most importantly, my exasperation at them not getting 'out there'. So after much thought, much deliberation and much questioning my choice is The Kingcrows. I love what these dudes do and the show they put on whilst doing it! My self, good lady and equally good daughter have enjoyed their performances quite a few times now and both on and off stage they come across as darn decent dudes. They have a solid diversity of tune and overall deserves this accolade. If this helps them go on to better things, try a little harder and increases their CD sales by 1% then a happy Fungal I'll be."

We're honoured and flattered by this recognition. Nice to know someone appreciates us!

We've just uploaded a load of video footage from our recent gig at the Snooty Fox in Wakefield - it's all embedded on the Jukebox page, go check it out!

We've started booking gigs for 2011, if you want us to come and play at your local venue get in touch! Email us at or, or fill in the contact form on this site! Cheers!

The new Kingcrows single "Magdelene" (and its b-sides "Insult & Injury" and "In For The Kill") is now available for worldwide download via iTunes, Amazon, and most other major download sites!
The single received its first review today, courtesy of the excellent - check it out at now!

THE KINGCROWS are preparing to release a new three-track single, "Magdelene" c/w "Insult & Injury" and "In For The Kill". These tracks are updated re-recordings of songs which originally appeared on their now-deleted debut EP Carrion Regardless in 2008. Kingcrows Online had a word with drummer Ratbag to find out what the story is...

KCOL: So, can you tell us what prompted the band to re-record these three songs?
: We recently took the decision to let the Carrion Regardless EP to go out of print when the stocks ran out, 'cos it doesn't really represent us any more. We're not the same band - in line-up, sound or approach - as we were when we started recording it. You know there's only me and Lee J left from the day we started doing that CD? Thing is though, three of the seven songs from that CD are very much a part of the current set, and we wanted to keep them available, so we decided to re-do them the way we are now and stick 'em out as a single.
KCOL: The recording sessions for Carrion Regardless went on a bit longer than expected, didn't they?

RATBAG: Aye, it took over a year in all to get it done. To be honest, there was a lot went wrong during the making of that CD; the day we started recording the basic tracks, our old bassist Bob left the band, so we had to drag our mate Rusty in to record the bass parts for us. Rocco didn't join the band til we were almost finished; he was in time to do backing vocals but not to do the bass. Then we split with Tony (vocals) and Phil came in, but he hadn't been in the band long when he recorded his parts and hadn't entirely got to grips with the songs. The way we worked on it, the recording sessions were spread out over a long period of time and by the end, we'd been working on it for so long we were sick to the teeth of it and just wanted to get the thing done and out, so paradoxically it was both dragged out for ages and rushed at the end. This time we wanted to do it fast and do it right.

: Did you use the same studio and producer for the re-recordings as you used last year for A Murder Most Foul?

RATBAG: Yeah - we really enjoyed working with Grant at Ivolv last year and we were dead chuffed with the sound he got for us, so we were always planning to go back there anyway. Then, while we were considering redoing this stuff, he got in touch to say he had a special offer going on. The lure of cheap recording time pretty much clinched it! It's our last time at Ivolv though, because Grant's moving studios. He's got a new place called The Loom, in Birstall, and we should be going there once it's up and running. We'll miss Ivolv, but the Loom looks and sounds pretty amazing.

KCOL: How did the sessions go?

RATBAG: Really well, dead smooth and great fun. Grant's an easy and very creative guy to work with and a hell of a good laugh. Apart from anything else, we've been doing these songs so long that we just rattled through them - all the lead vocal tracks were first-take, which we were a bit impressed with (nice one Phil!).

KCOL: So how do the new versions differ from the originals?

RATBAG: Well, for a start there's a lot less lead guitar going on. When we did the first EP we were very much a two-guitar band but now there's only Lee, and he's never been one for much soloing. The songs are a lot more direct and focussed now, and Rocco's bass playing has a different feel to Rusty's; the fact he plays a Rickenbacker has a big effect on the sound too. Plus, we've had a lot longer to hammer the songs into shape. We're all a lot more comfortable with ourselves as a band now - we know who we are, what we do and how we do it.

KCOL: Why did you choose to do re-recordings this time rather than new material?

RATBAG: We don't feel we've had the full mileage out of A Murder Most Foul yet - we just had a second run pressed up and it's still selling well, so it's not like it's reached the end of its cycle yet. This is just a sort of stopgap until next year, when we'll be doing the next CD. We're already working on loads of new material, so there'll be another seven-track EP turning up in due course. This single draws a line under the early period of the band and clears the decks for the new stuff. Onwards and upwards, y'know?

KCOL: How will the single be available?

RATBAG: Same way as A Murder Most Foul - initially on CD direct from us, either at gigs or through the website for the bargain price of two quid, and later on for download through the usual channels; Amazon, iTunes, Napster,,, all those places.

: Anything else we should watch out for?

RATBAG: Yeah, we've recorded an extra song as a little bonus, that'll be just on the CD (not on the download sites) but not listed. So don't switch it off too soon!

The new single "Magdelene" will be available from and at Kingcrows gigs from 5th July, the date for worldwide download release will be announced as soon as possible!

Gigs page has been updated again, some goodies coming up including a couple of gigs with the mighty ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE! We have cheap tickets available for the Selby show with the League (Friday 4th June), they're £14 on the door, £10 advance from the venue or a piddling £8 from us!
It's nearly Nice 'N' Sleazy time - it starts this Friday, and we're looking forward to a weekend by the seaside with a load of mates and a few drinkies. We'll be hitting the stage at 4.15pm on the Sunday, so come and see us!
Finally, we've just spent a couple of days in the studio with our uberproducer Grant Henderson to record a new single. Watch this space for details...!

Happy New Year you 'orrible lot! Gig page has been updated with new stuff!

The Kingcrows are immensely chuffed to announce we'll be playing the NICE 'N' SLEAZY festival in Morecambe at the end of May. The bill so far is looking exceptional, with EDDIE & THE HOT RODS, GOLDBLADE, STRAIGHTEN OUT (Stranglers tribute), BLITZKREIG, KEYSIDE STRIKE, THE X-RIPPERS, KINGS OF THE DELMAR, NO THRILLS, THE RED EYES, PISTOLA KICKS, TRUE BEAT, LAST GANG IN TOWN and loads more. The festival runs from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th May. Full bill and running order is still to be confirmed.
Tickets are £30 in advance for the full weekend, including camping - bargain or what?!

See for the latest news, confirmed bands and tickets. See ya there! 


It's been a busy few weeks for the Kingcrows. We supported the legendary UK SUBS again at Rio's, Leeds in late November, followed by a headline gig in Bradford backed by THE DRASTICS and then a show with veteran London melodic punk heroes GUITAR GANGSTERS and Lancashire punk 'n' roll hotshots KINGS OF THE DELMAR at the Well in Leeds. We had a lot of fun and made a lot of new friends at these shows!

It's coming to the end of the year, and our final show of 2009 will be on Sunday 20th December at the New Roscoe, Leeds. We're supporting Yorkshire's premier New York Dolls tribute THE DOLLS, so come down - it'll be a blast!

So, to everyone who's seen our show, looked at the website, heard our tunes, gigged with us, given us somewhere to play, bought us beers...MESSY CROWSMAS, and we'll see ya in 2010 for more chaos!

Today is the day that The Kingcrows go global! Our latest EP A Murder Most Foul can now be bought at any of the major MP3 download sites, worldwide! That includes iTunes, Napster,,,,, eMusic and loads more! So, if you don't have this fine recording yet, here's yer ideal chance to cop for a copy. And remember, if (like us) you're old-fashioned and still like to have a real CD in yer hand, you can buy the hard copy direct from this very site - check the Shop page!

We regret to announce that our scheduled appearance at the Red Roar festival in Gravesend this Saturday has had to be cancelled - unfortunately our bassmonger Rocco has come down with a case of the dreaded Swine Flu and has been confined to barracks. We're gutted about this, we were seriously looking forward to this show - first festival appearance, first time down south - but hopefully we'll have more southern dates arranged before too long.

In the meantime, our deepest apologies to the festival organisers and all the people who were looking forward to seeing us. Hopefully we'll see ya soon! We should, all being well, be back up to gigging fettle in time for our next gig, at the Primrose in Leeds on Sept 25th (with PseudoNympho, Boneyard Babies and By Default).

Another great review of A Murder Most Foul has appeared on t'interweb, this time on top glam-punk-goth-and-everything-in-between website
GLITZINE. Also, our ol' mate Fungalpunk has given our live show yet another glowing writeup on his excellent site, after our triumphant appearance at the inaugural R.A.T.T. Club Bank Holiday All-Dayer. Check them out at our new Reviews pages!

The Kingcrows will be supporting punk rock legends the UK SUBS at Rio's, Leeds on Thursday 19th November. Tickets for the show will shortly be available from the band, watch this space!

It would appear that our pronouncement that our gigs down South had fallen through was at least partly premature! On September 12th we will be appearing at the RED ROAR FESTIVAL at the famous Red Lion Music Venue in Gravesend, Kent. We should be onstage at about 4pm, so if you're in the area get there early!
The festival runs for three days, with over a hundred acts on four stages. Weekend tickets are £9 in advance or a tenner on the gate, and day tickets are a fiver a throw. Bargain! If you have a Facebook account you can view the details of the event at so give it a look!

Unfortunately, due to circumstances well beyond our control, our trip south we were planning for 11-12th September have had to be cancelled. Typically for a Kingcrows plan, both of the gigs we had lined up have fallen through. The Curse of the Crow strikes again. Our deepest apologies to anyone who was intending to come and see us - we're going to try and get down early next year, watch this space for details.

On a better note, we had our first ever radio spot this week, on the PUNK & DISORDERLY show on Halifax's Phoenix FM, where we spent an hour playing a selection of noisy tunes (including four tracks from our lovely new A Murder Most Foul EP) and talking bollocks. We had a brilliant time, and we'd just like to say thanks a million to Steve and Luke for having us on the show and making the evening so enjoyable. Cheers guys, see ya again soon! Also, I personally would like to apologise to the rest of the band for not letting 'em get a word in edgeways. I tend to babble a bit when I'm nervous...
The show will be available as a podcast soon, we'll post a link when it's ready.

Our next gig will be on August 29th, at the Room At The Top club's summer all-day spectacular at the Polish Club, Bradford. The bill for this is looking immense and goes like this:

THE PAIN (11pm)
SWINE (6pm)
CAYN WHITE (4.30pm)

The whole thing kicks off at 4pm and costs a negligible £4 on the door. FOUR MEASLY QUID. For all that lot. Don't miss it, it's gonna be fantastic!!

The new EP A Murder Most Foul is now available! We have a load of gigs coming up to promote the release, check out the GIGS page for details!


The release date of the new Kingcrows CD A Murder Most Foul has been set for 18th July 2009. The seven-track mini-album features the following songs: "Hanging Around", "Stiletto Groove", "What She Does To You", "Sex, Oui", "Revolution Street", "One Of The Boys" and an acoustic reworking of "Writing On The Wall".

To celebrate the event, we're having a CD RELEASE PARTY! On the night of release - Saturday 18th July - we're playing at The Cardigan Arms, 364 Kirkstall Road, Leeds LS4 2HQ, and the new CD (and the new t-shirts!) will be available for the first time. Support comes from ACTION DIRECTE, TESTTONE3 and ST TANTRUMS. It's gonna be a wild night!